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7 Ways To Network Better

To many job seekers, the answer to almost every career question seems to come down to networking. Ask anyone: How to find a job? Network. How to get an interview? Network. How to figure out some options? Yup – network. Just telling someone to network better, while true, isn’t very helpful. After all, we don’t all have […]

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The Truth About Job Search

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a standard formula or process you could follow that would guarantee a great new job or career? Just do a, b, and c and everything will work out. But what really is the truth about job search? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Maybe too much. […]

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34 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing With A Recruiter

I’m featuring guests posts from two prominent executive recruiters this week. Today’s is from David Allocco, a seasoned business development and operations executive with experience in entrepreneurial environments. He represents PierceGray, a retained executive search firm serving corporations around the world with a focus on procurement, supply chain, and operations leadership.​ When interviewing with a recruiter, concentrate on […]

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Is An MBA Worth It?

Regular readers here will know my answer – an MBA is a nice to have, but doesn’t guarantee anything. Make sure you know what you plan to do with it before you make the investment – and go in with your eyes wide open. At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide if […]

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Do I Need A Cover Letter?

I really hate writing cover letters. Maybe you can relate. They always feel wooden and forced. Guess what? Hiring managers hate reading cover letters as much as you hate writing them. [Tweet that!]  Unfortunately, sometimes they’re necessary. I’m not talking about a couple of lines in an email that has your resume attached. That should […]

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Right Career – Wrong Job?

Today I’m happy to welcome Craig Emerson to Monday Is Good. Craig is an IT Professional, and founder/creator of Vircara, a virtual career adviser that connects students to professionals. Craig’s post hits on a topic we talk a lot about here – drifting in your career versus purposeful planning. You took career placement tests, spent time brainstorming […]

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How To Get The Job Without Experience

I’m really excited to welcome my friend Mark Sieverkropp to Monday Is Good today. Mark is an entrepreneur, blogger, trainer, consultant, husband, father, and author of the new book, Project: Success which helps people change their mindset and break the barriers standing between them and their dreams. I’ve had a chance to read it myself, and you owe […]

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