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What’s Your Career Frustration?

I’m doing a little housekeeping around here…all in preparation to re-launch Monday Is Good. I took a little time off from blogging to focus on some other things (like losing weight). I also kept busy continuing to help others. It’s actually funny, I think I did more one-on-one career coaching during my “break” than I […]

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7 Ways To Network Better

To many job seekers, the answer to almost every career question seems to come down to networking. Ask anyone: How to find a job? Network. How to get an interview? Network. How to figure out some options? Yup – network. Just telling someone to network better, while true, isn’t very helpful. After all, we don’t all have […]

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The Truth About Job Search

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a standard formula or process you could follow that would guarantee a great new job or career? Just do a, b, and c and everything will work out. But what really is the truth about job search? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Maybe too much. […]

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34 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing With A Recruiter

I’m featuring guests posts from two prominent executive recruiters this week. Today’s is from David Allocco, a seasoned business development and operations executive with experience in entrepreneurial environments. He represents PierceGray, a retained executive search firm serving corporations around the world with a focus on procurement, supply chain, and operations leadership.​ When interviewing with a recruiter, concentrate on […]

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Is An MBA Worth It?

Regular readers here will know my answer – an MBA is a nice to have, but doesn’t guarantee anything. Make sure you know what you plan to do with it before you make the investment – and go in with your eyes wide open. At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide if […]

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Do I Need A Cover Letter?

I really hate writing cover letters. Maybe you can relate. They always feel wooden and forced. Guess what? Hiring managers hate reading cover letters as much as you hate writing them. [Tweet that!]  Unfortunately, sometimes they’re necessary. I’m not talking about a couple of lines in an email that has your resume attached. That should […]

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Right Career – Wrong Job?

Today I’m happy to welcome Craig Emerson to Monday Is Good. Craig is an IT Professional, and founder/creator of Vircara, a virtual career adviser that connects students to professionals. Craig’s post hits on a topic we talk a lot about here – drifting in your career versus purposeful planning. You took career placement tests, spent time brainstorming […]

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